8 Options with your Drill Package

When you order a custom drill package you have the option to receive up to 8 items that will support your efforts in teaching the show to your students.

1.  Drill Charts with full instructions as needed for each page
2.  Individual coordinate sheets for each member.
3.  Production Sheet that includes count structures with measure numbers and instructions for each page.
4.  Video Animation of drill with the music.
*Music must be provided by the school in an MP3 or WAV format.
5.  Personalized Drill Charts (Very large file size)
6.  Thumbnails Pages of your drill charts (8 charts per page)
7.  IPAS access – for student home practice and review
8.  Iphone/Ipad access – Application purchased individually
(shows coordinates for each student and animates drill)

Scroll down for more specific information on each available item…………….


This is your main source of information and tool that will be used the most.  Each page will give you all the information you need to run a rehearsal, you can give these charts to your staff and students, or just the staff depending on how you like to run rehearsal.

Coordinate Sheets

These sheets are for the students.  Each student will have their own sheet with the name on it (Names need to be provided by Director)  These sheets will list the exact coordinate on the field for each member to stand for each page.

Information provided on this sheet:
1. Set#
2. Count Structure for this move
3. Title Information
4. Specific Coordinates

Production Sheets

This sheet will give you specific information for each page with the actual “picture”.

Information provided on this sheet includes:
1.  Set #
2.  The overall count of the song
3.  How many counts you take to get to that page (set)
4.  What measures you are playing while traveling to that set.
5.  Title Information
6.  Any special instructions that are given.

Thumbnail Sheets

Thumbnail sheets are 8 “charts” shrunk onto one page.  It’s a great tool for looking at forms quickly, without having to flip through each and every page turn to keep up with the drill.

Video Animation

The video animation will play the music with the drill so you can see EXACTLY how your show is going to look with the music.  This is a great tool for the students to see on a regular basis.  It allows them to see for themselves what the forms look like at any given time in the show.  (ie. straight lines, curves, etc..)  Drillmaster Drill Design will publish the videos on a private You Tube page so the students can view videos any time they want, and from where ever they are.

 Personalized Drill Book

This personalized drill book gives the students a chart to look at so they can see the form they are in.  It highlights their specific spot to make it easy to find, it also includes a “zoomed in” version of the chart page and the coordinates of the previous page, current page, and next page.  On the zoomed in portion, it highlights where they were on the previous page, with a line to where they are now to show their pathway, and then another line with a dot to show where they go for the next page.

IPhone/IPad App

The newest technology available with Pyware is the use of your iphone.  This app allows students or staff to access drill from your Iphone or Ipad during rehearsal.  When you highlight individuals the App will give you their exact coordinate for each and every count of the show.  You can also animate the video to watch the form move from set to set.

3D App Scan Codes

To download the 3D App file you simply hold your Iphone or Ipad up to these scan codes and in seconds you will be able to view the drill on your device.


If you want the students to be able to view the drill, and watch it move with the music, you can have your students download IPAS to their home computers.  This software allows the student to practice marking time and stepping off on appropriate counts and then be able to see which direction they are traveling.  This is also a great tool to have your students play along with the music as they watch the drill move.  You can have it start playing anywhere in the drill you want or just have it play the entire movement.  This is a great tool for your students at home.

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