My Goal

Robert’s primary goal is to give your students the best opportunity to succeed and have fun. Whether your goal is to perform for a single special homecoming game or to compete in competitions at the highest level possible, Robert can design a show that works for your student’s ability levels.

My Approach

Nothing is more challenging or frustrating for a director than having drill that is either too difficult for the students to master or the drill was not originally written for your band so you have to adjust the numbers while you teach the drill, which slows the learning process dramatically.

This is why so many groups get custom drill specifically written for them each year.

When Robert writes his drill he is thinking about 5 main components.

(not in any particular order)

  1. Staging for Strengths of the musical sections
  2. Difficulty to match ability and experience level
  3. Visual Effectiveness
  4. Appeal to the audience and judges
  5. Appeal to the students who are performing the drill

The cost for drill is dependent on two main factors.

1.  Number of Marching Performers
2.  Difficulty of drill

Drill prices for a show designed for competition can start as low as $800.00 for your smaller bands and go up from there.

Delivery of Drill —

       All drill is designed using Pyware 3D software and will be delivered electronically via drop box and can also be downloaded from your own secure password protected webpage from the Drillmaster Drill Design website.

When you order your drill, options 1-8 below can be included in your package.  Numbers 1-5 are the standard minimum options.  Option 6-8 can be included at no charge upon request.

Drill Package Options-
1.  Drill Charts
2.  Individual Coordinate Sheets
3.  Production Sheet
4.  Video Animation
5.  Thumbnail Pages
6.  Personalized Drill Charts
7.  IPAS access (student home practice)
8.  Iphone/Ipad 3D App