Marching Band Clinics

Each year Robert is asked to give clinics during band camps and weekend rehearsals for schools all over the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento areas. As an Instructor, Arranger, Designer, and Director for the last 28 years, Robert has learned the key to success is consistency.  He will come to your school and work on many different areas to help your program be successful.

Robert offers 4 types of clinics that can be done at your school.  You have the option to choose which type of clinic you feel is going to best serve your band.  To really get the full value of the clinic it is suggested (not mandatory) to allow at least 3 hours of clinic time.  Depending on which clinic you want to focus on, Robert will observe or run, all or part of the rehearsal.  You do have the option to focus on more than 1 area but it is recommended to allow for at least 3 hours on each.

1.  Student Rehearsal etiquette and approach.
a.  Focusing on the field with the kids working on their focus points during a rehearsal
2.  Flow and Pacing of Rehearsal
a.  Working with the staff and Drum Major to keep the pace of rehearsal moving to maximize your rehearsal.
b.  Organization of how the staff works together from the box to the field.
3.  Staff Focal Points
a.  Focusing completely on your staff and what they are looking for and listening to and how they give their comments to the students.
4.  Marching Basics
a.  Working directly with your students and staff, Robert will teach 2 to 4 marching basics exercises to your students with each exercise having very specific focus points with technique.  These exercises are the same Robert uses for his own high school and drum corps he has worked with and has been very successful.

Drum Major Clinics

Being a Drum Major in High School was when Robert first learned how much fun it was to stand in front of a marching band.  Very quickly he also learned how difficult it was and what it took to be a great drum major and to perform your duties at the highest level.  After high school Robert went on to march with the San Jose State Spartan Marching Band and the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps.  While at SJSU he spent 3 years as the Drum Major, he enjoyed the opportunity to be in front of a great marching band and learned to fine tune his drum major skills, under the direction of Scott Pierson.

Robert has been a Drum Major judge in the Northern California area for the last 17 years and has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to help Drum Major students achieve the highest level as a drum major for their high school or college programs.

One day clinics are held in small to large groups working with high school students who have ambitions of becoming, or already are a drum major for their high school programs.

Topics covered may  include beginning to advanced levels of….
1.   Conducting
2.   Military and Mace Baton and Parade Routines
3.   Leadership Responsibilities as a Drum Major
4.   Private Sessions are usually available after the clinics upon request for a minimal
additional cost. (This is a reduced price on clinic days)

Internet Web Q/A

Do you live outside of Northern California?  That’s OK.  You can always do a question and answer session over the internet with Robert.  Via face time you can schedule a one and one or a group discussion forum covering any number of topics regarding your marching band program.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get instant feedback and opinions on how to make your marching program the absolute best it can be

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